Field Sketch 2: Found Objects

Tadashi Kawamata Artist 
Edition Nord Publisher 
January 2010 Publication date 
Offset Printing 
BW + Color
Box of 64 colour photographs
b/w poster
Each box comes with a different cover photo (not necessarily the one pictured)
Edition of 1000
15 cm × 19.8 cm
¥4200 (~$0)

'Field Sketch 2: Found Objects' is the second theme in a triple box set which attempts to give form to 700 snapshots taken by Tadashi Kawamata during his school days in the 1970s. Skirting between 'found photography' and 'artistic photography', the series gives a glimpse into his formative ideas and paths not taken.

Reproduced true to size, complete with discolorations due to age, the photo cards replicate the small format used by Kawamata during that time to keep track of his work. The photos are a real joy to leaf through, Edition Nord have done well to convey a sense of freedom in 'finding' something rather than being directed to it.

Slightly contrary to the title, the photographs in 'Found Objects' seem more focused around traces and marks left in the environment. Strings, lines, cords trail off hinting towards unseen hands, a shovel sits dormant on a half heaped pile of gravel. While photos have nice sense of balance, there's a certain looseness to the framing which make them refreshing, truly intended as sketches rather than final artworks.